BlissBrain CranioSacral Therapy

Migraines, Headaches, TMJ, Head Injuries (mTBI & TBI), Concussion, Anxiety, Stress, Trauma (PTSD)


Your best brain is one that is calm, happy, integrated, emanating that Zen moment of bliss regardless of the whirling chaos around you.  Perhaps, instead,  you're feeling that  your brain is drowning in a sea of overwhelming life challenges and yesterday's traumas that won't stop haunting you. Maybe you're even having nagging headaches, pounding migraines, or notice you act a lot more like a snarling aligator defending his swamp than a happy butterfly alighting on flowers. You've had psychotherapy, bodywork, and, frankly, think that your brain should have its act together by now. 


You might have an old, or even new, untreated head injury. If you've ever had a big fall, even as a kid, you've had a head injury.  If you've ever been in a car crash, you've had a head injury.  You don't have to hit your head to have a concussion or even lose consciousness to be diagnosed with mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). All that has to happen is your brain undergoes a rapid acceleration/deceleration.  Whiplash happens in your brain.  If you ever did have a CT scan it wouldn't be able to show the effects of mTBI.  The devastating physical and cognitive symptoms can show up months, or even years later. 


Craniosacral therapy, combined with myofascial massage and guided visualization, helps soothe your aching head by releasing tensions in the cranial bones and the intracranial membrane system, smoothing out the kinks in your cranial nerves, relaxing your head, neck, and shoulders, all the way down to your tailbone.  So you can start wagging your tail like a happy dog, and stop thrashing it around like a snarling aligator.


Maybe you feel like your problem isn't in your head, but in your jaw; your death-grip clenching jaw.  If you have TMJ syndrome, you definitely need craniosacral therapy and myofascial massage to treat the biomechanical tensions as well as calm your nervous system, helping to loosen the web of anxiety around your brain. 


Or, perhaps, you think your problem might be deep in the caverns of your mind, etched in stone by unhappy childhood experiences or more recent traumatic events such as a complicated birth or surgery.  Again, craniosacral helps by addressing the deepest brain tensions to release old neuroemotional imprints.  Guided visualization helps integrate all brain systems; the brain stem (reptilian brain), limbic system (emotional brain), cerebellum (the co-processor), and cerebral cortex (higher reasoning) learn to work together as a team and bring peace to your kingdom.


When the brain is better integrated, there is greater communication between the left and right hemispheres, deeper focus, creativity and calm.  It's what the experts call optimizing executive brain function. The effect is as if you've attended a meditation retreat.

Therapeutic Craniosacral Massage 

Telphone or Skype coaching

Brain Balancing Meditation  

Know the signs and symptoms of concussion.  Remember, you don't have to lose consciousness or even hit your head to be diagnosed with a concussion/mTBI. Be sure to seek immediate medical attention after a fall or car accident. Feeling dazed, confused, disoriented, dizzy, fatigued, insomnia, details of an accident seeming fuzzy may all be signs of concussion.  Later signs of concussion or post-concussion syndrome include irritability, anxiety, changes in temperment, behavior, slowed thinking or comprehension, difficulty in concentration and focus. Consult a medical professional if you have questions about your lingering symptoms. A history of multiple concussions increases the risk of complications.