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Yummy Tummy Massage


Ever feel like you'd like your tummy rubbed? Especially if you're pregnant or given birth it feels so good to have your abdomen cared for as everything gets squished all around in those times. This tummy treatment comes from a fancy name called Osteopathic Visceral Manipulation (medical organ massage) developed by a french doctor.  Well, the French know so much about food, so, you're right, they must know a lot about balancing out your tummy. Keeping your core strong is not just about muscles, but about boosting the energy flows so your kidney chi and other chakra centers don't burn low especially post-partum. 

And, if your tummy has every been draped and cut, even laporoscopic, it probably needs some special TLC to make the world right again.  Your liver needs love, your stomach soothing, your kidneys kindess, your colon consoling, your spleen support, your uterus and ovaries (ladies) understanding, especially important for post surgical healing after cesarean or hysterectomy.


If your goal is to prepare for conception and pregnancy, we combine energy medicine and birth psychology with manual therapy to begin baby's welcome from the spiritual to the physical plane. An earlier traumatic delivery, miscarriage or abortion can all leave scars that need healing and open new life channels.

Previous pelvic and abdominal trauma from injuries or sexual abuse report benefit from these gentle techniques.  Patients suffering from constipation, IBS, and other gastrointestinal problems also find relief.


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