What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle type of specialized bodywork that releases tensions in the muscles, bones, and nerves of the central nervous system, using osteopathic joint mobilization and myofascial techniques to heal the head, neck, back, and pelvis. The result is a more balanced, relaxed brain and body. While it can be integrated into massage for deep relaxation, a specialist can better address more complicated cases such as autism and learning disabilities; newborn care, birth trauma, premature delivery and resultant develpmental delays (motor, sensory and speech); head injuries (mTBI) or whiplash due to sports collisions, car accidents or falls. 

CranioSacral MassageTherapy for pregnancy and babies; a family choice


The best time to start CranioSacral Massage Therapy is while your baby is still in the womb. Studies show that maternal anxiety and poor womb positioning can adversely affect baby's development as well as complicate labor and delivery. CranioSacral Therapy pregnancy massage helps ease mom's aching back and gives baby more room to grow. Special 3rd trimester intensive protocols prepare baby and parents emotionally and physically for birth.

pediatric craniosacral therapy for newborns
the importance of 
pediatric CranioSacaral

I came to Maureen because my 8 month old son was having trouble starting to crawl (he wanted to go straight to walking) and all of us mom's know how important the crawling phase is for coordination etc. She worked on his lower back and legs gently stretching and in turn helped strengthen his muscles - I am excited to report than in just 2 sessions he is a crawling master.  Maureen also did some cranio - sacral work and after each session I noticed he was calmer, less cranky and able to sleep easier.  Maureen is definitely a must see - next on the schedule - Baby yoga!


Joanne K---on YELP

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BlissBaby Yogassage classes

Your tiny tot turning grouchy at tummy time? Following the doctor's orders easier said than done? What's a mamma to do? Our new class teaches parents yogassage techniques that help turn a fussy baby into a happy one. We focus on your baby's developmental movement in a small group, teaching you tips and tricks to use at home. Don't be surprised if deeper sleep, less tummy troubles and laughter follow. Sigh. Click the Schedule Now button to book online or send me an email

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Maureen's perspective on treating learning issues and ADD is quite unique.  My pediatric neurofeedback clients always make great progress when I send them for a few  craniosacral sessions.

Carl Shames, Phd



I have worked with Maureen on various issues over the last couple years, from pregnancy induced pain and tension to postpartum neck spasms.  She alleviates stress within my body using her intuitive hands and relaxing approach.  Maureen also worked on my infant's reluctance to turn her head to the right after her birth.  Within two sessions she was no longer favoring one side to the other.  And my favorite sessions of all with Maureen were her teaching the group baby yoga and massage classes for 5 weeks.  The knowledge she passed on to our group of new mommas was invaluable as it allowed us to learn about our little beings while helping them stretch, breathe, and develop in their new little bodies

Cinda V, LAc--on YELP

Maureen O'Neil, CranioSacral Therapy Specialist

Maureen O'Neil, CMT, CST

Craniosacral Specialist

pediatric and adult care


As a chiropractor, I meet many other body workers in the field. I had the pleasure of receiving treatment from Maureen and was very impressed with her knowledge and skill. Not only is she a good listener and very intuitive, but she really knows her stuff. She has had extensive training, beyond what I'd experienced in the past with other therapists of any kind-- she is truly a specialist. I have sent patients of my own to receive treatment from her on conditions I have been unsuccessful treating, and they have thanked me! I highly recommend.

-Dr. Rina Tinozzi
Corte Madera






I suffered from chronic TMJ for years resulting from an injury. Before heading down the road of invasive corrective surgeries with poor success rates, a friend suggested I try cranial sacral therapy - amazing! I didn't know what to expect, but the results were terrific (and the treatment itself is so wonderful and relaxing). Maureen is a real master in her practice. I felt changes immediately and over the course of a few weeks, my jaw feels better than it has in years. I highly recommend Maureen - perceptive, highly skilled, and a true healer.

Amanda A----on YELP